The Wicca of the Ancient Harmony
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The Wicca of the Ancient Harmony

The Wicca of the Ancient Harmony is an autonomous Wiccan Coven that was formed in Oshawa in September 2002ce. With roots dating back to 1986ce, we are a Traditional (BTW), initiatory, Wiccan Coven expanding upon our Alexandrian Lineage.

We honour the Great Mother of Life and Her consort the Horned God. We follow the cyclic and liturgical weavings of the earth, sun and planets to 'yoke' ourselves to these energy patterns and shifts in accordance with the Hermetic Principle.

We live and work our Magick to pass through the God and Goddess in all their names and faces. Areas of focus in the Coven include: practical and spiritual growth (through a structured curriculum); Self-realization through personal experience with Deity; embracing the joyful and painful changes associated with this growth; as well as the cultivation of compassion and personal-responsibility that deepen from such Mysteries. Ours is not a Coven for those who seek to obtain status and power, as none will be found.

We are a closed, close-knit Coven consisting of sincere, spiritually mature adults. Well grounded in our commitment to the Great Work, we approach our lives in "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust..." understanding that balance in life that is both the Kiss and the Scourge.

Our Coven consists of an Inner Circle of Initiates as well as those Dedicated Novices training and working, toward initiation. We normally have one to two openings per year for training. We extend serious consideration and respect to sincere and proper seekers 21 years and older.

As a Traditional hierarchically-based Coven, we function under the Three Degrees of spiritual authority (Priest/ess or 1st Degree Initiate, High Priest/ess or 2nd Degree Initiate, and Elder or 3rd Degree Initiate) and we do maintain our Lineage.

Our Coven supports the Toronto Wild-life Centre as its primary charity. Please assist in their efforts!

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